Asociación Paraguaya de Profesionales Graduados en E.E.U.U.

The Paraguayan Association of Professionals Graduated in the U.S.A. (APPG), is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 180 graduates of U.S. universities. Members include alumni from universities across the U.S. with a wide range of academic backgrounds.


      Ing. Henry Moriya

      Vice President:

      Lic. Jazmín Ramírez


      Lic. Antonio Brítez

      Alternate Secretary:

      Arq. Mirtha Ramírez


      Ing. Roberto Stewart

      First Member:

      Lic. Rejane Theobald

      Secont Member:

      Lic. Gustavo Mora Meilicke


      Lic. César Cardozo D.

      Alternate Trustee:

      Lic. María Irene Wasmosy

      Permanent Member:

      Sra. Melissa McDonald

      Permanent Member:

      Sra. Kathleen M. Guerra

      1993 - 1995

      Dr. Arnaldo Acosta

      1995 - 1997

      Lic. Antonio Britez

      1997 - 1999

      Ing. Nils Gustafson

      1999 - 2001

      Ing. Henry Moriya

      2001 - 2003

      Dr. Gustavo Diaz Gill

      2003 - 2005

      Dra. Gladys Benegas

      2005 - 2007

      Ing. Santiago Mandelburguer

      2007 - 2009

      Dra. Patricia Marchewka

      2009 - 2011

      Arq. Mirtha Ramírez

      2011 - 2013

      Lic. Gustavo Mora Meilicke

      2013 - 2015

      Lic. Claudia Villalba

      2015 - 2017

      Lic. César Cardozo D.


APPG is an association of Paraguayan professionals and foreign residents in the country, and who have graduated in the U.S.A.
The idea to found an Association of professionals who graduated in the United States was born in October 1993 when the American Ambassador in Paraguay at that time, J. Glassman invited those who graduated in the USA to a concert of a country music group "Tim and Molly O’Brian " at the US Embassy. To this fact it was added the unconditional support given by Mr. Mark Jacobs, at that time Director of USIS, and the invaluable contribution of the Paraguayan American Cultural Center through Mr. Peter Jones, Executive Director of the CCPA.
Finally, after several meetings, the APPG was founded on November 24, 1993 and on April 26, 1994 the first Executive Committee was elected, with Dr. Arnaldo Acosta as Chairman, and Eng. Angel Auad as Vice-Chairman.

The mission of the APPG entails promotion of:

  • Cultural, professional and technical relations between its associates and the community.
  • Ties with the United States through activities organized with the support of the CCPA and the Embassy of the United States in Paraguay.
  • Qualification of human resources.
The APPG comprises more than 180 professionals of different specialties such as: Doctors of Medicine, Biochemists, Dentists, Psychologists, Veterinarians, Economists, Attorneys at Law, Journalists, IT Analysts, Architects and Engineers (Civil, Agricultural, Industrial, Electrical, etc.), and others, who are involved in the private sector as well as in the public sector.
Within the framework of the Mission defined for "acting as a catalyst for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, as well as to provide the cultural and social relationship among their associates, and society from Paraguay and the United States", from 1994 they have been developing cultural and artistic activities, forums and/or lectures about subjects of national interest with participation of national and international authorities, periodic meetings and "happy hours" for all its associates, where several subjects are addressed, and issues of civil and communitarian interest are discussed, as well as technical, philosophical and other subjects that are considered of interest and/or necessary in any of the areas of the human knowledge.